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thank you for being in the service of the hidden who love in Spite of the corporate deities who shake their paper fists at the justice that seems to prevail no Matter what flies in the direction ...

...thank you for being here for the first of many grouping of words Slanted for your uneasy consumption. understanding is never easy...we, together, Can be pointed to Gather up the dead lines that need to be revived - revised - redeemed!

in the eyes of friends, sugar can take on many Forms. one day it will be love...the next day it will be love. nothing can Rot the teeth like sweet nostalgia. yesterday can never is. turning around takes too much from imagination, although a foundation of history must be established. fiction/books Need to be absorbed and assimilated into motions of simple instinct.

foundation is history}history is fiction}fiction is imagination}


inspiration has been attacked. come into the masses of inspiration. talk about what you Think in prayer. i have seen myself fall into mediocrity. i will Continue to fall. gravity is my enemy. my only hope Lies in the strength of friends who Understand the love in extreme imagination.

to end this initial transmission}one thought}

let Yourself -allowance-wander-dream....


reverend flint