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somewhere-in this world-a derelict is Reading Ulysses. a little light Shines. gives oxygen to This bland, milquetoast, wishywashy, inbetween, on the fence, offwhite state of mind. we must Be the derelict! the evil is On us like a goddamn monkey who can't even Muster up a tip of the hat. this evil must be fought Tooth and nail.


do Not speak it outloud. do not talk about it! do not Casually let yourself wander upon it. it Is subtle. it has no flavor. it has no color. it has no odor.

it is An insidious evil. it must Be overturned with All the passion and fire that hell Can produce. for it is Where no opinion, no love, no individuality can Dwell.

everywhere We are surrounded. we will fall. we will Scrape up the proverbial Knee. we need to turn inside out to Our mother. rest Upon her bosom and rise up with The anger of a thousand Stiffed waitresses.

i can not stress the importance of not Giving into complacency. do not be comfortable. it is a Good fight. it is a Grand fight. it will be greatest fight ever Fought.

!strength through individual acts of liberation!



reverend flint