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you will have to excuse me. i am in the Midst of fighting a demon that is determined to Undermine my attempts at any kind of display of moral Fiber. that demons' name is INSOMNIA. it chokes and i fight for the Honor of my mistress, whose Gentle caress can take me to flights of delirious beauty. her name is SLUMBER. it is a Vicious, but honorable battle. i will conquer, so excuse me if i seem distracted - deflated - destructive as i put a hammer Lock around its' neck and pile drive that son of a bitch.

!death to the anxiety created by the knowledge of time!

let us all be Proud of the collective money shot we have created and perpetuated through the words we imagine. to share-fuse what the muses have driven us to, with Enthusiasm, means we are one Step closer to knowing freedom From our own psyche.

no! i am not Caught by the moment . with your individuality, i am freed, taken by a Whiff of fresh air shot straight into my ear, like a lover's breath, Warm with desire.

-can you hear his finest whispers.


grace, love and firm handshake!

reverend flint